Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deer + Durango = $$$

Well as part of one of my earlier posts went, "I hunt to keep the deer from being in front of our vehicles". Well last Friday, not more than 3 miles from where I hunt, I hit a deer. It was just before dark and I never saw it untill it was right in front of the truck, no time to hit the brakes, to time to think, just bam, under the truck it went and off the side of the road. I turned around and made sure it was dead then noticed that I was leaking coolant so I headed to my friends house 1 mile up the road. Once there the fun started.

Long story short is the radiator is leaking, the bumper is dinged up, the bumper bracket and all bent up, and the plastic that attempts to protect the radiator on the Durango is junk and failed at its job miserably.

This week finds me cramped up in my brothers old Ford Ranger. Im not complaining, I could be completely without transportation.

I can't wait to get in the woods with my muzzleloader for some payback.

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