Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just recently ordered some upgrade items from Other World Computing. They made it very easy to upgrade my Black 2.4ghz MacBook from 2 gigs of ram to 5 gigs and from a 250 gig Hitachi drive to a 500 gig WD. I purchased an external case with the WD HD and used Carbon Copy Cloner (Found Here) to make an exact copy of my data from the 250 to the 500. This did take a little over 3 hours but when I put that drive in my MacBook it booted right up like there was no change at all. The only change was that I now had roughly 260 gigs free and the extra ram makes parallels run so much faster. 2 gigs of ram was painful to use parallels. I mean it’s bad enough that I occasionally run a windows app, running it on my Mac makes it better and now with 5 gigs of ram (4 + 1) it is easy.

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